Jio Financial Ventures into Mutual Funds, Aims to Disrupt Indian AMC Space

Charting a New Course: Jio Financial and BlackRock’s Mutual Fund Venture Set to Redefine India’s Asset Management Landscape


In a strategic move, Jio Financial Services, the fintech arm of Reliance Industries, has set its sights on entering the mutual fund space. Diverging from speculations of potential acquisitions, Jio Financial has filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for a mutual fund license. This bold step comes just three months after the announcement of a joint venture with global investment management giant BlackRock.

Partnership with BlackRock: The journey into mutual funds is not a solo venture for Jio Financial. In collaboration with BlackRock, both entities have committed an initial investment of $150 million each to launch ‘Jio BlackRock.’ This formidable partnership aims to disrupt the Indian Asset Management Company (AMC) space, bringing innovation and efficiency to the forefront.

Application Status: As of the latest update from SEBI on December 31, the application filed by Jio Financial Services is currently under consideration. The fintech company is seeking in-principle approval for a mutual funds license, a crucial step in its endeavor to penetrate the homegrown mutual fund industry.

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Choosing a New License Over Acquisition: Notably, the decision to opt for a new license rather than pursuing an acquisition route reflects a strategic approach by Jio Financial Services. This move suggests a commitment to building a fresh and innovative presence in the mutual fund landscape, leveraging its partnership with BlackRock to bring unique offerings to investors.

Disruptive Potential: The combined force of Jio Financial and BlackRock signals a significant disruptor in the Indian mutual fund market. With a substantial initial investment and a focus on obtaining a new license, the collaboration aims to introduce cutting-edge solutions and redefine the norms of the AMC space.


Jio Financial Services’ filing for a mutual fund license marks a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution, showcasing its determination to make a mark in the financial services sector. The impending decision by SEBI will be closely watched, as it holds the key to unlocking a new era of innovation and competition in India’s mutual fund industry. As Jio Financial and BlackRock join forces, the industry awaits the potential transformation that ‘Jio BlackRock’ could bring to the landscape of asset management in the country.

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