Investor Body IVCA Urges Government to Ease Restrictions on Banks and NBFCs Investing in AIFs

Navigating Regulatory Waters: IVCA’s Advocacy for a Balanced Approach to AIF Investments


In a recent development, the Indian Venture and Alternate Capital Association (IVCA) has taken proactive steps to engage with the government and the central bank after the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced stringent measures regarding banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) investing in alternative investment funds (AIFs). This move comes as a response to concerns raised by industry players, including SIDBI and various AIFs, who have sought clarity or relief in the wake of these sudden directives.

The Need for Clarity and Relief: Senior advisor at TVS Capital, Mani Krishna Iyer, has expressed his viewpoint that the guidelines issued by the RBI may be seen as an impractical solution to a real problem. This sentiment echoes the concerns of many within the industry who believe that the restrictions may hinder the smooth operation of financial institutions and impact the overall investment landscape.

Examining Industry Concerns:

The finance ministry is actively examining the concerns raised by industry players, signaling a recognition of the potential challenges posed by the recent regulatory changes. The IVCA, having knocked on the doors of both the government and the central bank, has taken the initiative to apprise them of the situation, emphasizing the importance of revisiting and possibly easing the imposed restrictions.

Background and Context:

The RBI’s decision to tighten norms for banks and NBFCs investing in AIFs stems from instances of misuse within the financial sector. Specifically, there have been cases where non-bank financiers engaged in the practice of ‘evergreening’ loans through the AIF route. While the intention behind the regulatory measures is to curb such misuse and ensure financial prudence, the industry is concerned about the potential unintended consequences that may arise from these restrictions.

Industry Perspectives:

The IVCA’s engagement with the government and the central bank highlights the industry‘s united front in seeking a balanced approach to regulatory measures. As the finance ministry examines the concerns raised by various stakeholders, it remains to be seen whether adjustments or clarifications will be made to address the industry’s apprehensions.


The recent tightening of norms by the RBI on banks and NBFCs investing in AIFs has prompted the IVCA to initiate discussions with the government to ease the imposed restrictions. With industry players seeking clarity and relief, the ball is now in the court of regulatory authorities to carefully balance the need for financial prudence with the imperative of fostering a conducive environment for investment and growth. As the finance ministry actively examines the industry concerns, stakeholders await further developments that will shape the future landscape of alternative investments in India.

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