BharatPe Ventures into Debt Market, Aiming to Raise INR 500 Crores through Unlisted NCDs

Empowering Growth: BharatPe’s Strategic Dive into Unlisted NCDs Marks a Pivotal Milestone in Fintech Evolution


In a strategic move that underscores its growth ambitions, fintech unicorn BharatPe is set to explore the debt market, with plans to raise a substantial INR 500 Crores through unlisted non-convertible debentures (NCDs). This move comes as the company aims to bolster its financial standing and pave the way for sustained expansion in the competitive fintech landscape.

Securing INR 500 Crores:

The decision to seek INR 500 Crores in debt has received the green light from BharatPe’s board, signaling the company’s confidence in this fundraising initiative. While a final decision on the issue price is still pending, BharatPe intends to secure the funds in multiple tranches over the course of the upcoming year, according to a recent report by ET.

Strategic Implications:

BharatPe’s foray into the debt market is a strategic move that holds significant implications for the company’s future endeavors. The decision to raise capital through unlisted NCDs demonstrates a diversified approach to funding, allowing BharatPe to tap into different financial instruments for its growth strategy.

The funds secured through this debt issuance are expected to play a crucial role in supporting various aspects of BharatPe’s operations, including technology enhancements, market expansion, and the development of innovative financial products and services.

Competing in the Fintech Arena:

As a fintech unicorn, BharatPe operates in a dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape. The move to raise debt highlights the company’s proactive stance in ensuring a robust financial foundation to navigate the challenges and opportunities in the fintech sector.

This strategic financing initiative aligns with BharatPe’s vision to be a key player in shaping the future of digital finance in India. The funds raised are anticipated to contribute to the company’s efforts in offering seamless financial solutions to businesses and merchants across the country.


BharatPe’s decision to raise INR 500 Crores through unlisted non-convertible debentures underscores its commitment to financial innovation and growth. As the fintech unicorn continues to make strategic moves in the market, the success of this fundraising endeavor will likely have a significant impact on its trajectory, solidifying its position as a major player in India’s fintech ecosystem.

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