Zomato Eyes Expansion with Potential $2 Billion Acquisition of Shiprocket

Navigating the Future: Zomato’s Bold Move into Logistics with Shiprocket Acquisition


In a strategic move that could reshape the landscape of India’s tech industry, Zomato, the renowned foodtech major, is reportedly considering acquiring Shiprocket, an ecommerce logistics unicorn. This potential acquisition comes with a hefty valuation, placing Shiprocket at an impressive $2 billion, according to sources familiar with the matter.


Zomato, a leading player in the food delivery sector, has been diversifying its portfolio and expanding its presence in various domains of the tech ecosystem. In 2021, Zomato co-led Shiprocket’s Series E funding round, contributing to the logistics giant’s impressive $185 million capital infusion. This move signaled Zomato’s interest in the logistics space and laid the foundation for a deeper collaboration between the two companies.

Financial Snapshot:

Shiprocket, a SaaS logistics platform, experienced significant financial backing in its Series E round, which included investments from not only Zomato but also Temasek and Lightrock India. The latest offer from Zomato values Shiprocket at double its last reported valuation of $1.2 billion after a successful $33.5 million fundraising effort in the previous year.

The Decision-Making Process:

While reports indicate that Zomato has extended an offer to acquire Shiprocket, it’s crucial to note that a final decision has not been reached. Sources suggest that Zomato might choose not to proceed with the acquisition, introducing an element of uncertainty to the potential deal. The complexity of such transactions often involves thorough evaluations and considerations, and stakeholders await an official announcement to gain clarity on the outcome.

Implications for the Industry:

If the acquisition materializes, it could have far-reaching implications for both Zomato and Shiprocket, as well as the broader ecommerce and logistics sectors in India. Zomato’s foray into the logistics domain could position the company as a more comprehensive player in the tech industry, offering end-to-end solutions from food delivery to efficient logistics management.


As the tech industry eagerly anticipates the final decision on Zomato’s potential acquisition of Shiprocket, the development underscores the dynamic nature of India’s startup ecosystem. If successful, this move could mark a significant step in Zomato’s expansion strategy, further solidifying its position as a key player in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Only time will tell whether this potential acquisition will come to fruition and how it will shape the future trajectory of both Zomato and Shiprocket.

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