Toprankers Empowers Legal Aspirants with Strategic Acquisition of Chinar Law Institute

Edtech giant Toprankers has made significant strides in expanding its footprint in the legal education sector with the recent acquisition of Gurugram-based test preparation platform, Chinar Law Institute (CLI). This strategic move, facilitated by Toprankers-owned Judiciary Gold, marks the company’s third acquisition in 2023, following the successful integration of ProBano and The Lex Guru.

The undisclosed deal is set to fortify Toprankers’ standing in the competitive edtech landscape by enhancing its expertise in law coaching. With a focus on providing comprehensive support to judiciary aspirants, the acquisition of CLI aligns with Toprankers’ commitment to delivering top-tier educational resources.

One noteworthy outcome of this acquisition is the expansion of Judiciary Gold’s presence in the Delhi NCR region. With the establishment of three new coaching centers, the edtech platform aims to cater to the growing demand for high-quality legal education. Additionally, plans are in motion to further extend its reach to Jaipur and Lucknow, solidifying Judiciary Gold’s commitment to making quality law coaching accessible to a wider audience.

By absorbing CLI’s seasoned faculty, Toprankers is poised to enrich its pool of resources, thereby enhancing the overall learning experience for its users. The synergies between the two entities are expected to create a robust platform that not only addresses the unique needs of judiciary aspirants but also sets new standards in the edtech industry.


This acquisition underscores Toprankers’ proactive approach to staying at the forefront of educational innovation. As the company continues to strengthen its position in the edtech market, the integration of CLI’s capabilities reaffirms its commitment to providing unparalleled educational solutions. With ProBano, The Lex Guru, and now Chinar Law Institute under its umbrella, Toprankers is poised to shape the future of legal education and empower aspiring legal professionals on their journey to success.

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