Pristyn Care Charts Impressive Revenue Growth in FY23 Despite Widening Losses

Navigating Growth Pains: Pristyn Care’s Financial Journey in FY23


Delhi NCR-based healthtech unicorn, Pristyn Care, marked a significant stride in its financial performance for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023. Despite a remarkable 45% surge in operating revenue, the startup experienced a notable increase in net losses, signaling both growth and challenges on its path to becoming a healthcare leader in India.

Operating Revenue Soars:

Pristyn Care reported a robust operating revenue of INR 452.8 Cr in FY23, showcasing a commendable 1.4X increase from the INR 312.7 Cr recorded in the previous fiscal year (FY22). This impressive growth is a testament to the startup’s expanding presence and the increasing demand for its advanced secondary care surgeries.

Strategic Approach and Network Expansion:

Founded in 2018 by Harsimarbir Singh, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor, and Dr. Garima Sawhney, Pristyn Care has established itself as a prominent player in the healthtech space. The company offers specialized secondary care surgeries through an extensive network comprising more than 200 clinics, 700 hospitals, and a team of over 400 in-house super-speciality surgeons. This expansive reach spans across 40 cities in India, reflecting the startup’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services on a wide scale.

Total Revenue and Other Income:

Taking into account other income sources, Pristyn Care’s total revenue witnessed a notable 45.6% increase, reaching INR 493.7 Cr in FY23, compared to INR 338.9 Cr in the previous fiscal year. This growth indicates the startup’s ability to diversify revenue streams and explore additional avenues beyond its core operations.

Challenges Amidst Growth:

However, alongside this impressive financial performance, Pristyn Care faced a considerable challenge as its net losses surged by 38%, reaching INR 382.5 Cr in FY23, up from INR 277.1 Cr in FY22. The increase in losses raises questions about the startup’s profitability and the sustainability of its current business model.

Rising Expenditure:

A key factor contributing to the widening losses is the substantial increase in total expenditure, which rose to INR 876.8 Cr in FY23—a substantial 42% jump from the INR 616 Cr recorded in the previous fiscal year. Understanding the dynamics of this increased expenditure will be crucial in evaluating Pristyn Care’s financial health and its ability to balance growth with cost management.


Pristyn Care’s remarkable revenue growth in FY23 underscores its position as a leading healthtech player in India. However, the challenges reflected in the escalating net losses and rising expenditure call for a closer examination of the startup’s operational strategies. As Pristyn Care continues its journey to redefine healthcare services in India, striking a balance between expansion and financial sustainability will be pivotal for its long-term success.

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