Infinix Explores Local Laptop Production in India: A Strategic Move Amid Import Policy Changes

Empowering Growth: Infinix’s Vision for Local Laptop Manufacturing in India”


In a significant strategic shift, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Infinix is contemplating the local manufacturing of laptops in India. This move is driven by the anticipation of forthcoming import policy changes and reflects Infinix’s commitment to aligning its operations with evolving market dynamics.

Current Market Presence:

Having entered the Indian laptop market in 2021, Infinix has swiftly captured a noteworthy 7-8% market share on the popular e-commerce platform, Flipkart. Despite this success, the brand currently relies on imports to meet the demand for its laptops within the country.

Anticipated Import Policy Changes:

The impetus behind Infinix’s move toward local laptop production is the expected overhaul in import policies. The introduction of a new import management system is set to streamline the process, allowing companies to bring shipments into the country with mere authorization. This innovative approach is poised to enhance efficiency and facilitate smoother logistics for businesses operating in India.

Strategic Discussions with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs):

Infinix’s foray into local manufacturing involves active discussions with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs). These discussions signify the brand’s commitment to fostering collaborative partnerships to bring about a seamless transition into the Indian manufacturing landscape.

Benefits of Local Manufacturing:

  1. Adherence to Changing Policies: Local production positions Infinix to adapt swiftly to any modifications in import policies, ensuring a consistent supply of laptops to the Indian market.
  2. Cost Efficiency: By manufacturing locally, Infinix can potentially reduce production costs, contributing to more competitive pricing for its laptops.
  3. Reduced Dependency on Imports: Establishing local manufacturing capabilities will enable Infinix to diminish its reliance on imports, mitigating potential disruptions in the supply chain.
  4. Market Agility: Infinix’s agility in responding to market demands and trends can be significantly enhanced with localized manufacturing, enabling quicker product launches and adaptations.


Infinix’s exploration of local laptop production in India underscores the brand’s strategic foresight and adaptability in a dynamic market. As the company actively engages with ODMs and aligns its operations with anticipated import policy changes, it positions itself for sustained success and resilience in the competitive Indian laptop market. The move toward local manufacturing not only reflects Infinix’s commitment to its Indian customer base but also signals a broader trend among global companies seeking to enhance their presence and operations in the rapidly evolving Indian market.

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