Foxconn Boosts Bengaluru Unit with INR 461 Cr Investment

Catalyzing Growth: Foxconn’s Strategic Investment in Bengaluru Unit Paves the Way for Indian Expansion


In a significant move that underscores its commitment to the Indian market, Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant Foxconn has infused a substantial investment of INR 461 Crores (approximately $55.29 million) into its Bengaluru unit, Foxconn Precision Engineering Private Limited. The injection of capital, facilitated through Foxconn’s Singapore-based subsidiary, Foxconn Singapore Pte Limited, marks a strategic step forward for the company’s expansion plans in India.

Details of the Investment:

Foxconn Singapore Pte Limited acquired approximately 46,08,76,736 shares at INR 10 each, consolidating the investment at around $55.29 million. This substantial financial injection is poised to catalyze growth and development within Foxconn’s Bengaluru unit, positioning it to play a pivotal role in the company’s regional and global operations.

Expansion Plans and Vision:

Foxconn’s investment in its Bengaluru unit is not merely a financial transaction; it is a key component of the company’s broader expansion strategy in India. As part of its ambitious plans, Foxconn aims to double both its employment figures and business size across the country within the next year. This visionary approach reflects Foxconn’s confidence in India’s potential as a critical hub for its electronics manufacturing services.

Strategic Significance:

The decision to channel such a substantial investment into the Bengaluru unit underscores the strategic importance Foxconn places on India. The country’s rapidly growing consumer electronics market, coupled with a skilled workforce and conducive business environment, makes it an attractive destination for global players in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Foxconn Precision Engineering Private Limited:

Foxconn’s Bengaluru unit, Foxconn Precision Engineering Private Limited, is set to become a focal point for advanced manufacturing capabilities, contributing significantly to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. With this infusion of capital, the unit is poised to enhance its technological prowess, expand its product portfolio, and contribute to the economic growth of the region.


Foxconn’s investment in its Bengaluru unit is a testament to the company’s confidence in India’s potential as a key player in the global electronics manufacturing landscape. As the Bengaluru unit gears up for expansion, the investment not only boosts Foxconn’s operations in India but also augurs well for the country’s vision of becoming a manufacturing powerhouse. This strategic move reaffirms Foxconn’s commitment to fostering innovation, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to India’s economic growth.

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