MobiKwik Plans to Raise INR 880 Cr in IPO with Fresh Share Issue

Fintech Frontiers: MobiKwik’s IPO Journey and the INR 880 Cr Capital Expedition


In a significant move towards its initial public offering (IPO), MobiKwik, a leading fintech unicorn based in Delhi NCR, has charted its course to raise up to INR 880 Crores through a fresh issue of shares. This development comes as the company aims to expand its market presence and capitalize on the growing digital financial landscape.

Details of the IPO: MobiKwik’s board recently passed a crucial resolution outlining its plan to raise INR 880 Crores exclusively through a fresh issue of shares. It’s noteworthy that this IPO will not include an offer-for-sale component, distinguishing it from other public offerings in the market. Additionally, the IPO structure incorporates a pre-IPO placement aggregating up to INR 176 Crores, catering to specific investors.

IPO Size Adjustment: Interestingly, MobiKwik has taken a strategic approach by almost halving its IPO size compared to its earlier Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) filed in July 2021. This decision could be attributed to a nuanced assessment of market dynamics and a calibrated response to prevailing economic conditions.

Rationale Behind the Move: The decision to opt for a fresh issue of shares without an offer-for-sale component suggests MobiKwik’s commitment to injecting fresh capital into its operations, potentially earmarked for strategic initiatives, technological enhancements, and market expansion. The pre-IPO placement further indicates the company’s efforts to secure support from specific investors, enhancing its financial standing.

Market Implications: As MobiKwik gears up for its IPO, the move to raise INR 880 Crores positions the company as a key player in the ever-evolving fintech landscape. The funds raised are expected to fuel MobiKwik’s growth trajectory and fortify its position as a prominent player in the digital payments and financial services sector.


MobiKwik’s decision to raise funds through a fresh issue of shares and the pre-IPO placement signifies a strategic move that aligns with its vision for sustained growth and innovation. As the fintech unicorn prepares to go public, the industry will be closely watching to witness the impact of this capital infusion on MobiKwik’s future endeavors and its role in shaping the future of digital finance.

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