Former Tech Mahindra Executive C P Gurnani Joins upGrad Board of Directors

Charting a Course for Educational Excellence: C P Gurnani’s Role in upGrad’s Global Expansion and Personalized Learning Evolution


In a strategic move aimed at fortifying its leadership team, Mumbai-based edtech unicorn upGrad has welcomed former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tech Mahindra, C P Gurnani, to its board of directors. The announcement comes at a pivotal time for upGrad as it seeks to enhance its global footprint and provide more personalized learning experiences.

Gurnani’s Role: In his new capacity as an independent non-executive director, C P Gurnani is poised to play a crucial role in upGrad’s ambitious plans. Beyond steering the company’s domestic and global operations, Gurnani will bring his wealth of experience to the table, contributing to the development of smart content and individualized learning trajectories for a diverse range of learners spanning various backgrounds and geographies.

Strategic Collaboration: The collaboration between upGrad and Gurnani holds the promise of strategic insights and innovative approaches to upskilling. Gurnani’s tenure at Tech Mahindra, where he served as CEO and MD, showcases his ability to navigate the dynamic tech landscape, making him a valuable addition to upGrad’s journey towards educational excellence.

Enhancing Learning Experiences: One of the key focus areas for C P Gurnani will be to assist upGrad in crafting more intelligent and tailored content that caters to the unique needs of learners. The aim is to foster a learning environment that adapts to the individual pace, preferences, and backgrounds of students, thus ensuring a more effective and engaging educational experience.

KnowledgeHut Leadership Transition: The announcement of Gurnani’s appointment follows closely on the heels of a leadership transition within the upGrad family. Subramanyam Reddy, the CEO of upGrad-owned upskilling platform KnowledgeHut, stepped down from his role just a day before Gurnani’s inclusion on the board of directors.


As upGrad continues its mission to revolutionize education by providing quality upskilling opportunities, the addition of C P Gurnani to its board marks a significant milestone. The collaboration not only signals a strategic move to enhance operations but also reflects a commitment to delivering personalized and impactful learning experiences for a diverse and global student community. With Gurnani’s expertise, upGrad is poised to reach new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of online education.

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