Riskcovry Secures $4.5 Million in Bridge Funding from Morphosis Venture Capital and IIFL

Navigating Profitability: Riskcovry’s Bridge Funding Sets the Stage for Insurance Innovation


In a recent development, Mumbai-based insurance technology startup Riskcovry has successfully raised approximately $4.5 million (INR 37.3 crore) in a bridge funding round. The investment was led by Morphosis Venture Capital, with participation from IIFL. This strategic funding is expected to propel Riskcovry towards profitability and pave the way for its upcoming Series B round.

The ‘Insurance-in-a-Box’ Model: Riskcovry operates on a unique ‘insurance-in-a-box’ model, providing essential infrastructure for platforms and vendors aiming to offer diverse insurance products. This innovative approach streamlines the process for businesses entering the insurance sector, allowing them to seamlessly integrate and provide a variety of insurance services.


Deployment of Funds: The newly acquired funding will play a crucial role in steering Riskcovry towards profitability and strengthening its position in the market. By strategically deploying these fresh proceeds, the startup aims to achieve specific financial goals and facilitate a smooth transition to its upcoming Series B round of funding.

Bridge Funding Defined: A bridge round, as undertaken by Riskcovry, is a smaller funding step strategically positioned between major investment rounds. This financial infusion serves as a bridge to help the company achieve specific milestones, contributing to its overall growth and development.

Impressive Funding Track Record: Riskcovry has displayed remarkable success in fundraising efforts, with the latest bridge funding round bringing its total funding to approximately $6.8 million. This reflects the confidence that investors, particularly Morphosis Venture Capital and IIFL, have in the startup’s vision, strategy, and potential within the insurance technology landscape.

Future Prospects: With the additional funding secured, Riskcovry is well-positioned to pursue its vision of becoming a key player in the insurance technology sector. The focus on profitability, coupled with strategic utilization of funds, sets the stage for the startup’s continued growth and success. As Riskcovry advances towards its Series B round, industry observers will keenly watch its progress and contributions to the evolving landscape of insurance technology.


Riskcovry’s recent bridge funding round marks a significant milestone in its journey, showcasing the market’s recognition of its innovative ‘insurance-in-a-box’ model. As the startup navigates towards profitability and plans for its Series B funding, it demonstrates a commitment to delivering transformative solutions in the insurance technology space. The successful fundraising underscores the confidence investors have in Riskcovry’s potential, further solidifying its position in the dynamic and rapidly evolving insurtech landscape.

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