Fasal Secures $12 Million in Series A Funding to Propel B2B Brand Fasal Fresh and Drive Research & Development

Cultivating Tomorrow: Fasal’s $12 Million Funding Boost Ignites a New Era in Agritech Innovation and Expansion


Agritech startup Fasal has successfully raised an impressive $12 million in Series A funding, marking a significant milestone for the company’s growth. The funding round was led by TDK Ventures and British International Investment, with participation from ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, Navam Capital, Aureolis Ventures, and a host of existing investors, including 3one4 Capital, Omnivore, Wavemaker Partners, Genting Ventures, and The Yield Labs Asia Pacific.

Key Highlights:

  1. Investors Back Fasal’s Vision: TDK Ventures and British International Investment took the lead in the funding round, highlighting their confidence in Fasal’s innovative approach to agriculture technology. The participation of ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, Navam Capital, Aureolis Ventures, and existing investors further underscores the collective belief in Fasal’s potential.
  2. Funding Allocated to Fasal Fresh Expansion: Fasal plans to utilize the freshly secured capital to scale up and expand its B2B brand, Fasal Fresh. This strategic move aims to strengthen the company’s position in the market and enhance its presence both within India and in Southeast Asia.
  3. Advancing Agricultural Technology with IoT: A significant portion of the funds will be directed towards research and development, particularly in Fasal’s proprietary farm IoT-crop intelligence technology. This investment underscores Fasal’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in agriculture, driving efficiency, and sustainability in farming practices.
  4. Diverse Investor Portfolio: The funding round saw a diverse mix of investors, including both new entrants and existing supporters. This broad investor base not only brings in crucial capital but also provides Fasal with a valuable network and expertise to navigate the evolving landscape of agritech.
  5. Fasal’s Vision for the Future: With the Series A funding, Fasal is poised for a robust expansion, both geographically and technologically. The company envisions a future where Fasal Fresh becomes a leading name in the B2B agriculture sector, and its research and development efforts yield breakthroughs in farm IoT-crop intelligence technology.


Fasal’s successful Series A funding round signifies a pivotal moment in the journey of this agritech startup. With a solid financial backing and a clear roadmap for expansion and innovation, Fasal is well-positioned to make significant contributions to the advancement of agriculture technology, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient future for farming practices.

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