“GoMechanic 2.0 Secures $6M Funding: Resilient Revival and Automotive Excellence”

“GoMechanic 2.0 Secures $6M Funding: A Resilient Comeback After Financial Challenges

In a remarkable comeback, GoMechanic, the car servicing startup, has successfully secured a substantial $6 million in funding. This achievement follows a period of financial challenges, with founders openly addressing irregularities and investors initiating an insolvency process. In March, Servizzy, a subsidiary of Delhi-based Lifelong Group, acquired the company through a slump sale.

While the identity of the marquee investor remains undisclosed, GoMechanic confirmed that the funding round was led by a prominent figure in the investment industry, with support from existing shareholders. Himanshu Arora, the newly appointed co-founder and CEO, expressed gratitude, stating, ‘This achievement serves as a profound vote of confidence towards the company and its business model.’

Under the strategic leadership of Muskan Kakkar, COO and co-founder, GoMechanic has undergone a transformation focused on transparency, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. The company has diversified its business lines, introducing ‘GoMechanic Service Business,‘ ‘GoMechanic Spares,’ and ‘GoMechanic Accessories.’ This approach has resulted in a remarkable fourfold increase in revenue, with optimistic projections for doubling revenues in ‘GoMechanic Spares’ and ‘GoMechanic Accessories’ by the end of the fiscal year.


GoMechanic Service has scaled up to handle 800 cars daily, while the introduction of ‘GoMechanic LUXE’ marks the company’s foray into the luxury and premium services market. These specialized service centers cater to renowned brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche, managing over 600 luxury cars monthly. Kakkar emphasized, ‘GoMechanic is revolutionizing the luxury car services industry by setting an unprecedented standard for personalized, high-quality, and convenient services.’

The MILES membership program has witnessed impressive growth, with a 72% increase in sales from April to October 2023, reflecting heightened customer engagement and loyalty. GoMechanic Accessories has expanded its offerings to include products like vacuum cleaners, Android car screens, and tyre inflators, making them accessible on popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart.

This revitalized version of GoMechanic paints a picture of resilience, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s journey, from addressing financial challenges to emerging as a dynamic player in the automotive service industry, underscores its dedication to growth and excellence.”

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