FirstCry’s Unique Blend: E-commerce Unicorn Ventures into Early Education with 180 Preschools

Unveiling FirstCry’s Multifaceted Journey: From E-commerce Triumphs to Nurturing Young Minds in Preschools


FirstCry, the well-known omnichannel marketplace backed by SoftBank, has made waves in the business world by filing its draft papers for an initial public offering (IPO). Beyond its success in the e-commerce sector, what sets FirstCry apart is its venture into early education through Intelli Education. This educational arm of the company manages 180 preschools across 91 cities in India, providing a distinctive combination of learning aids and core education services.

Enrollment Figures Speak Volumes:

As of the end of the first quarter of FY24, Intelli Education boasted a substantial enrollment of 6,649 students. This noteworthy figure reflects the trust and popularity the brand has garnered in the education sector. The transition from being a prominent e-commerce player to a multifaceted company with a significant presence in early education is a testament to FirstCry’s strategic vision.

The Oi Playschool Acquisition:

FirstCry’s foray into the education domain was marked by the acquisition of Oi Playschool from Hyderabad’s People Combine Group in 2019. At the time of acquisition, Oi Playschool operated 55 centers in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. FirstCry’s ambitious plan was to expand the playschool network to over 1,000 centers across the country. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic, which gripped the world for the past two years, created unexpected challenges, interrupting the company’s expansion plans.

Fundraising Through IPO:

The IPO filing reveals that FirstCry’s parent entity, Brainbees Solutions Private Ltd, aims to raise a substantial INR 1,816 Crores through fresh issues of shares. This capital infusion is expected to fuel further growth and development across the various verticals in which FirstCry operates, including its e-commerce platform and the extensive network of preschools under Intelli Education.


FirstCry’s evolution from an e-commerce giant to a diversified business with a significant footprint in early education showcases its adaptability and foresight. The amalgamation of retail and education positions FirstCry as a holistic brand catering to the diverse needs of Indian consumers. As the company charts its course towards a public offering, it will be interesting to see how investors respond to this unique blend of e-commerce and education, marking a new chapter in FirstCry’s journey.

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