Fintech Giants Groww, Angel One, and PhonePe Dominate Mutual Fund Space with Record SIP Openings in November 2023

Empowering Investors: Fintech Giants Reshape Mutual Fund Investments with Seamless SIP Experiences


In a groundbreaking revelation, Fintech behemoths Groww, Angel One, and PhonePe have solidified their positions as the primary distributors of mutual fund products. November 2023 witnessed an unprecedented surge in the opening of new systematic investment plans (SIPs), with these three platforms collectively commanding nearly half of the market share.

Fintech’s Ascendancy in Mutual Fund Distribution: The Association of Mutual Funds of India (AMFI) recently reported that November 2023 marked the initiation of over 3 million SIPs. What’s particularly noteworthy is that fintech platforms played a pivotal role in driving this surge, accounting for an estimated 1.3 million new SIPs. This trend underlines a significant shift in investor behavior, with more individuals choosing digital platforms for their investment needs.

Individual Contributions: Among the fintech giants, Groww emerged as the frontrunner, spearheading the movement with an astounding opening of over 700,000 new SIPs. The platform’s user-friendly interface and diverse investment options have evidently struck a chord with investors, making it their go-to choice for mutual fund investments.

Angel One and PhonePe also showcased substantial contributions to the surge, generating more than 200,000 and over 120,000 SIPs, respectively. This highlights the growing influence of these platforms in shaping the investment landscape, leveraging technology to simplify and democratize access to mutual fund products.

The Changing Face of Investment Landscape: The surge in SIP openings through fintech platforms underscores a broader transformation in how individuals approach investing. Investors are increasingly turning to digital avenues, enticed by the convenience, transparency, and accessibility offered by platforms like Groww, Angel One, and PhonePe.

The Role of Technology: The success of these fintech giants can be attributed to their innovative use of technology. With user-friendly interfaces, informative content, and seamless transaction experiences, these platforms have managed to demystify mutual fund investments, making them more accessible to a broader audience.


As the fintech revolution continues to reshape the financial landscape, the dominance of platforms like Groww, Angel One, and PhonePe in the mutual fund distribution space is a testament to their ability to adapt to evolving investor preferences. With millions of new SIPs initiated in November 2023 alone, these platforms are not just facilitators of investments but architects of a new era in personal finance, where simplicity and accessibility converge to empower investors on their wealth-building journey.

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