Nazara Technologies’ Gaming Expansion: A Leap Forward for Indian Game Studios

Empowering Local Talent: Nazara Technologies’ Publishing Division Spearheads ‘Make in India’ Gaming Revolution


Gaming giant Nazara Technologies is taking significant strides in promoting the ‘Make in India’ vision by announcing strategic partnerships with four Indian gaming studios. The collaboration is a part of Nazara’s ambitious publishing division, aiming to publish a diverse range of games and contribute to the growth of the Indian gaming industry.

Partnerships and Game Lineup

: As a part of this groundbreaking initiative, Nazara is set to publish five engaging games developed by Indian studios. The lineup includes ‘Gravity Shooter’ by Smash Head Studios, ‘World Cricket League’ by Wandermind Labs, ‘Hacked: Password Puzzle’ by Pixcell Play, and ‘Laser Tanks’ and ‘Paperly’ by ATG Studios. Each of these games promises a unique gaming experience, catering to both casual and mid-core gamers.

Nazara’s Commitment to Growth:

Nazara Technologies‘ publishing division has set an ambitious target to release a total of 20 games within the next 12-18 months. To support this endeavor, the company plans to invest in the range of INR 1 Cr to INR 3 Cr per game, showcasing its commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within the Indian gaming ecosystem.

Financial Success and Expansion:

The announcement comes on the heels of Nazara Technologies’ impressive financial performance, with a consolidated profit after tax witnessing a significant 53% year-on-year jump to INR 24.2 Cr in Q2 FY24. This success underscores the company’s robust position in the gaming market and its dedication to driving the growth of the industry.

Significance of the ‘Make in India’ Vision:

By actively supporting and publishing games developed by Indian studios, Nazara Technologies is contributing to the realization of the ‘Make in India’ vision in the gaming sector. This initiative not only provides a platform for local talent but also helps in establishing India as a formidable player in the global gaming arena.


Nazara Technologies’ partnerships with these four Indian gaming studios mark a pivotal moment for the gaming industry in the country. As the company continues to invest in and promote local talent, it not only strengthens the gaming ecosystem but also positions India as a key player in the global gaming market. The collaboration between Nazara and these studios is a testament to the vibrant and growing landscape of game development in India, promising exciting times ahead for gamers and developers alike.

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