8. of the Top 10 Valuable Companies Increase by Rs 3.28 Lakh Crore; TCS, HUL, and Reliance Are the Top Winners

The market valuation of eight of the top ten domestic companies increased by Rs 3.28 lakh crore all together last week, with TCS, Hindustan Unilever, and Reliance Industries leading the increases. This development was also significantly aided by a rise in the BSE benchmark index.

Notable Profits During Market Upswing :

Eight of the 10 most valuable domestic companies had a combined increase in market capitalization of Rs 3.28 lakh crore during a significant week for the stock market. The main winners from this remarkable expansion were blue-chip corporations like Hindustan Unilever, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), and Reliance Industries.

The BSE benchmark index increased by 2,732.05 points, or 3.69 percent, in an impressive leap. In intraday trading on Friday, the 30-share BSE Sensex increased by 1,720.8 points, or 2.29 percent, to reach a new all-time high of 76,795.31. At the end of the week, the benchmark increased by 1,618.85 points, or 2.16 percent, to reach an all-time high of 76,693.36.

Leading Achievers and Their Input :

Reliance Industries, TCS, HDFC Bank, Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever, and ITC were the highest gainers among the top ten companies. The combined market prices of these firms increased by Rs 3,28,116.58 crore.

1. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): TCS was the largest gainer among the top 10, with its market valuation rising by Rs 80,828.08 crore to Rs 14,08,485.29 crore.

2. Hindustan Unilever (HUL): HUL’s total worth increased to Rs 6,05,407.43 crore after adding Rs 58,258.11 crore to its market capitalization.

3. Reliance Industries: Reliance’s market valuation increased to Rs 19,88,741.47 crore, a significant gain of Rs 54,024.35 crore.

4.Information Systems: Infosys’s market value increased by Rs 52,770.59 crore, reaching Rs 6,36,630.87 crore.

Other Prominent Artists :

HDFC Bank: With a 32,241.67 crore increase, HDFC Bank’s market capitalization now stands at Rs 11,96,325.52 crore.

Bharti Airtel: The company’s worth increased to Rs 8,10,416.01 crore from Rs 32,080.61 crore.

ITC: At Rs 5,48,204.12 crore, ITC’s market capitalization increased by Rs 16,167.71 crore.

ICICI Bank: At Rs 7,88,975.17 crore, ICICI Bank’s valuation increased by Rs 1,745.46 crore.

lagging companies :

While the majority of businesses had notable improvements, two of the top ten list’s corporations saw declines:

Life Insurance Corporation (LIC): LIC’s total valuation dropped to Rs 6,28,451.77 crore due to a decline in its market valuation of Rs 12,080.75 crore.

State Bank of India (SBI): SBI’s market value, which comes to Rs 7,40,653.54 crore, decreased marginally by Rs 178.5 crore.

Market Positions and Rankings :

Reliance Industries remained number one in the list of the most valuable companies, ahead of TCS, HDFC Bank, Bharti Airtel, ICICI Bank, SBI, Infosys, LIC, HUL, and ITC.

The exceptional performance of these businesses amidst the general market upswing demonstrates the vibrant and resilient character of the Indian stock market, reflecting investor confidence and the solid foundations of these market leaders.

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