1Analyzing JFrog Ltd (FROG) Stock: A Look at its Position in the Software – Application Industry ?

  • JFrog Ltd (FROG) holds a prominent position in the Software – Application industry, scoring 57 overall and 77 within its sector.
  • InvestorsObserver offers a comprehensive rating system, combining technical analysis, fundamentals, and analyst opinions.
  • JFrog Ltd (FROG) stock is currently trading at $34.92, experiencing a slight drop of -0.04% from the previous close.
  • Today’s trading volume is below average, with 426,693 shares exchanged, compared to the daily average of 640,585 shares.
  • Investors can access a detailed Stock Report for JFrog Ltd stock to gain deeper insights into its performance and outlook.

Is JFrog Ltd’s (FROG) stock leading the software and application industry :

JFrog Ltd (FROG) appears to be near the top of the Software – Application industry, according to InvestorsObserver’s analysis. FROG had an overall grade of 57, which means it outperformed 57% of all stocks. JFrog Ltd had a score of 77 in the Software – Application industry, outperforming 77 percent of its competitors. Notably, the Software – Application industry is ranked 83 out of 148 industries.

Understanding The Ratings :

Navigating the jungle of possible equities for investment might be difficult. With so many options accessible, it can be difficult to discern actual value. InvestorsObserver provides a solution by presenting eight separate measures for evaluating top industries and the best-performing stocks in them. The score of 57signifies a ranking greater than 57% of all stocks.

InvestorsObserver’s patented score system combines technical elements, fundamental analysis, and insights from Wall Street analysts. As a result, InvestorsObserver’s overall rating is a useful starting point for investors, regardless of their preferred investment approach. The percentile-based rating system makes comprehension easierβ€”100 represents the highest, while 0 represents the lowest. Investors can focus on the highest figures without having to understand complex ratios.

Current Status of JFrog Ltd Stock :

As of 10:38 a.m. on Monday, February 5, JFrog Ltd (FROG) stock is trading at $34.92, down $0.01, or 0.04%, from the previous closing price of $34.94. Today’s trading volume is below average, with 426,693 shares moved so far, compared to the usual volume of 640,585 shares. The stock’s price has bounced between $34.61 and $36.31 all day. For a detailed stock report on JFrog Ltd, [Click Here](insert link).

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