1ITC shares fall below Rs 400, down 2%, amid BAT’s stake reduction plans.

  • ITC shares slide below Rs 400-mark amid BAT’s stake reduction plans.
  • BAT seeks to divest stake via block deals worth $2.5 billion.
  • Analysts foresee short-term pressure but highlight ITC’s long-term prospects.
  • Regulatory hurdles challenge BAT’s stake reduction in ITC.
  • ITC stock settles at Rs 409.2, marking a 1.05% decline; YTD correction at 12% vs. Nifty 50’s 3% growth.

ITC shares fell in early trade on March 12, with reports indicating that British American Tobacco (BAT) is planning to sell a portion of its stock within the next week.

Stake Divestment and Market Response :

Insiders say London-based BAT, ITC’s largest stakeholder, has persuaded major Wall Street heavyweights such as Bank of America and Citigroup to execute a block deal for roughly $2.5 billion. Experts expect the block sales to occur at a discount to the current market price of Rs 409.2 per share.

Market Reaction and Price Movement :

At 9:16 a.m., ITC shares were trading at Rs 401.15 on the NSE, a 2% decrease from the previous closing session. According to Bloomberg, these block deals, which are frequently conducted at lower market pricing, may be subject to revisions based on market conditions.

Analysts’ Perspectives :

While analysts and traders acknowledge the probable short-term pressure on ITC’s stock as a result of the upcoming share sale, they highlight the company’s strong fundamentals and growth possibilities in its FMCG division. Despite recent downgrades, businesses like as Jefferies highlight ITC shares’ long-term appeal.

Implications and Investment Opportunities :

The availability of a large block of shares in the market could provide investors with a simple alternative to buying on the open market, thus mitigating price volatility.

Regulatory Challenges and Market Dynamics :


BAT’s attempt to sell a 4% share in ITC faces regulatory obstacles imposed by the Reserve Bank of India on foreign participation in tobacco companies. BAT CEO Tadeu Marroco emphasised the challenges in December, citing particular RBI permissions required for stakeholder actions. The regulatory landscape restricts the prospective buyer pool for ITC shares.

Market Performance and Comparative Analysis :

On March 11, ITC shares finished at Rs 409.2 on the NSE, down 1.05 percent. ITC shares have fallen 12% year to far, while the Nifty 50 index has grown by about 3%.

Conclusion :

BAT’s probable stake reduction in ITC reflects changing market and regulatory factors. While short-term swings are to be expected, long-term investors continue to be drawn to ITC’s operations and its position in the FMCG sector. The imminent share sale is an attractive chance for market participants to reevaluate their positions and consider the larger ramifications for the company’s future trajectory.

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