1Indian Energy Exchange Rises In Response To Increasing Power Need

  • Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) surged with rising power demand.
  • IEX opened at ₹137.75, closed at ₹136.9, with high of ₹137.75.
  • Market cap at ₹12,066.82 crore; 52-week high/low at ₹173.3/₹116.05.
  • January futures opened at 137.8 against previous 135.7.
  • Spot price: ₹140.05; bid price: ₹139.9; offer price: ₹140.0.
  • Share price at ₹140.15, up 3.28% from previous close.
  • IEX trading at ₹138.55, up 2.1% from yesterday.
  • Closing price: ₹136.9 on last trading day with 1,521,783 shares.
  • Continuous positive movement in IEX stock reflects market strength.

Indian Energy


The rising demand for power in the country is reflected in the recent spike in share price of the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX). This is a thorough update on how the market has been performing recently for IEX shares.

Today’s IEX Share Price: Highlights :

The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) opened at ₹137.75 on the last trading day and closed at ₹136.9. The stock fluctuated between ₹134.2 and ₹137.75 during the day. Currently, IEX has a ₹12,066.82 crore market capitalization. It is noteworthy that its 52-week high is ₹173.3, and its low is ₹116.05. On the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), 1,521,783 shares of IEX were traded in total.

January Futures on the Indian Energy Exchange:

Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) January futures began at 137.8, up from the previous close of 135.7.

Spot Price and Activity in the Market:

With a bid price of ₹139.9 and an offer price of ₹140.0, IEX is now trading at a spot price of ₹140.05. There are 120,000 shares in the offer, compared to 11,250 shares in the bid. There are currently 58,526,250 shares in the open interest for IEX.

Updates on Share Prices:

Indian Energy Exchange Share Price Today: With a 3.28% increase from yesterday’s close of ₹135.7, the current trading price for Indian Energy Exchange is ₹140.15. This indicates that the stock’s price has increased, changing by ₹4.45.

January Futures on the Indian Energy Exchange:

Update on Indian Energy Exchange Share Price: Based on the most recent data, the share price of Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) is ₹138.55, showing a 2.1% rise from the closing price of ₹135.7 the day before. There has been a 2.85 point net change.

Indian Energy Exchange Share Price NSE Live: 1,521,783 shares were exchanged on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) during the past trading day, with ₹136.9 as the closing price for Indian Energy Exchange.

In summary:

Buoyed by rising electricity demands nationwide, the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) keeps exhibiting strong performance in the market. IEX continues to be a significant participant in the energy industry, with steady development and encouraging market activity, positioning it for future advancements in the future.

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