1Humanising E-commerce: The Shopee Affiliates’ Perspective

  • Shopee Affiliates optimistic about e-commerce in 2024.
  • Strategies: Personalization, user engagement, traffic for local sellers.
  • 75% excited about personalized content.
  • Affiliates aim for authentic engagement, community building.
  • Leadership role in humanizing e-commerce.
  • Importance of authenticity, genuine experiences.
  • Celeste Phuah stresses honesty, openness in interactions.
  • Anticipation of increased user engagement via livestreams.
  • 100% aim to drive traffic to local sellers in 2024.
  • 96% express desire to collaborate with local brands.
  • Rita Zafran highlights importance of supporting local entrepreneurs.

Survey Results: Positive Outlook for Shopee E-commerce Opportunities :

Shopee Malaysia recently released the conclusions of its ‘Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024’ study, which included feedback from over 3,000 Shopee Affiliates. The poll portrays a positive picture, with 9 out of 10 Affiliates expressing confidence in e-commerce potential in 2024.

Embracing human-centered strategies :

The study demonstrates the Affiliates’ desire to humanise the e-commerce experience. Key efforts include boosting customisation, engaging consumers with posts and livestreams, and directing traffic to local businesses that share their beliefs.

Trending Towards Personalisation :

In response to a question regarding predicted e-commerce developments in 2024, 75% of Affiliates expressed enthusiasm for creating more customised content based on their audiences’ preferences.

Affiliates’ Vision for Engagement :

Shopee Affiliates want to create genuine engagements with their audiences (30%), improve content customisation through product education articles and livestreams (30%), and work with local businesses to raise awareness (15%).

Leadership in Humanising E-Commerce :

Kenneth Soh, Shopee Malaysia’s head of marketing, emphasises the importance of Affiliates in humanising e-commerce. He emphasises the necessity of offering users with unique and authentic material, recognising Malaysian consumers’ demand for true connections and relatable experiences.

Authenticity and Personalisation: Core Values :

Celeste Phuah, a Shopee Affiliate livestreamer, emphasises the importance of authenticity in developing genuine connections with the audience. She believes in being honest and transparent during product suggestion live sessions, emphasising the value of genuine connections.

Promoting Participation and Community Development :

An astounding 94% of Shopee Affiliates expect a boost in user engagement from original content and engaging livestreams. This shows a growing demand for true connections between Shopee buyers and sellers, and Affiliates play an important role in bridging this gap.

Goals for 2024: Supporting Local Sellers :

Looking ahead, 100% of Shopee Affiliates intend to deliver greater traffic to local vendors by 2024. Furthermore, 96% show a desire to engage with local merchants who share their values, exhibiting a commitment to promoting Made-in-Malaysia products and strengthening the country’s digital industries.

Providing assistance to local entrepreneurs :

Rita Zafran, a Shopee Affiliate (Top Posting Creator), emphasises her desire to collaborate with local brands. She emphasises the significance of supporting indigenous enterprises and plans to create family-friendly programming in 2024 that reflects her Muslim culture and values.

Conclusion :

The findings of the ‘Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024’ study show the changing environment of e-commerce, with a focus on human-centric methods, authenticity, and community building. Shopee Affiliates are at the forefront of driving meaningful engagement and building connections in the digital marketplace.



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