1Foxconn CEO Young Liu: Padma Bhushan Awardee & Challenges Faced

Young Liu: Padma Bhushan awardee, Foxconn CEO.

  • Founded three companies: Young Micro Systems, IC design firm, ITE Tech.
  • Foxconn diversifying production, expanding in India.
  • Recognizes India’s potential in electronics manufacturing.
  • Padma awards honor excellence across diverse fields.
  • Ceremony coincides with Republic Day celebrations.


Young Liu, a renowned entrepreneur and visionary, has received the coveted Padma Bhushan award for his remarkable contributions to the technology industry. With almost four decades of experience, his leadership at Foxconn, the Taiwanese technology behemoth, has transformed the landscape of global electronic production.

Young Liu

Young Liu’s entrepreneurial journey:

Young Liu’s entrepreneurial journey has been distinguished by exceptional milestones. He started three firms, all of which made significant contributions to the growth of technology. In 1988, he founded Young Micro Systems, a pioneering motherboard manufacturer. In 1995, he delved into integrated circuit design, focusing on PC chipsets. Notably, in 1997, he launched ITeX, an ITE Tech company, strengthening his presence in the industry.

Foxconn’s Evolution and Expansion:

Young Liu, the CEO and Chairman of Foxconn, has led the company’s transformation into the world’s largest contract manufacturer, constructing over 70% of iPhones. In reaction to COVID-19 interruptions and geopolitical difficulties, Foxconn has strategically shifted production away from China. Notably, it has increased its footprint in India by investing heavily in manufacturing sites throughout southern India.

Young Liu’s Vision For India:

Young Liu recognises India’s potential and is optimistic about the country’s place in the global electronics manufacturing environment. He feels India’s reforms and policies have created significant prospects in the electronics sector. His endorsement emphasises India’s rise as a major player in manufacturing.

Young Liu's

The significance of the Padma Bhushan:

The Padma awards, among India’s highest civilian honours, recognise individuals from a variety of professions for their outstanding contributions. This year, the President approved 132 Padma awards to recognise distinction in art, social work, public affairs, science and engineering, trade and industry, medicine, literature, education, sports, and civil service, among other fields.

Republic Day Recognition:

The announcement of the Padma awards coincides with the celebration of Republic Day, demonstrating the country’s dedication to recognising excellence and service. The ceremony, held at Rashtrapati Bhavan, represents India’s appreciation of great talent and contributions across a variety of fields.


Young Liu’s Padma Bhushan honour reflects his visionary leadership and pioneering contributions to the technology sector. As India embraces the digital era and works to boost its industrial capabilities, his endorsement highlights the country’s growing global prominence. Young Liu epitomises excellence and encourages future generations of technologists and industry professionals through his business career and devotion to innovation.

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