1Elevating Valentine’s Day with PGI’s Platinum Love Bands: A Collaboration with JioSaavn

  • Wavemaker unveils captivating campaign for PGI’s Platinum Love Bands with anamorphic outdoor displays.
  • Collaboration with JioSaavn enables personalized playlists for couples.
  • Digital screens showcase rotating Platinum Love Bands, highlighting design and craftsmanship.
  • Initiative aims to enhance Valentine’s Day experience, celebrating modern love and meaningful connections.

Wavemaker creates innovative outdoor imagery :

Wavemaker recently produced a compelling campaign for Platinum Guild International’s (PGI) Platinum Love Bands, which included mesmerising anamorphic outdoor displays. This project strives to enrich Valentine’s Day celebrations with engaging imagery. This project is spearheaded by PGI, a marketing organisation dedicated to boosting the global platinum jewellery sector.

Dynamic Digital Presentation :

The commercial unfolds on digital screens, with pairs of Platinum Love Bands rising from their boxes. Animated bands rotate smoothly, revealing their excellent design and craftsmanship. This digital spectacle is being systematically rolled out in key markets to engage audiences.

JioSaavn Collaboration: #PlatinumLoveJukeBox :

In addition to the outdoor campaign, Platinum Love Bands has worked with JioSaavn, a music streaming service, to provide consumers with an exclusive chance. Couples can use #PlatinumLoveJukeBox to create personalised dedications for their loved ones. This programme enables them to create personalised playlists by selecting songs that resonate strongly with their love story. Once completed, the playlist can be shared with a sincere message, resulting in a personalised display of affection. Sharing these playlists on social media sites enhances the message of love.


Sujala Martis discusses the campaign :

Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director at PGI India, explains that platinum represents modern love. The campaign promises to improve the Valentine’s Day experience by featuring unique visual displays and collaborating with JioSaavn. Martis emphasises that social media plays an important part in modern relationships, allowing couples to share personalised playlists as a statement of love.


Shekhar Banerjee’s Perspective :

Shekhar Banerjee, Wavemaker India’s Chief Client Officer and Office Head – West, North, and East, emphasises the necessity of providing outstanding Valentine’s Day experiences. The campaign aims to create immersive images and interactive aspects that highlight the beauty of love. Banerjee hopes to foster joy and love among couples by recognising the power of love with this ingenious campaign.

Conclusion :

The combination between PGI’s Platinum Love Bands and JioSaavn, orchestrated by Wavemaker, exemplifies modern romance. Couples can celebrate their love in unique ways thanks to clever outdoor displays and personalised music. As Valentine’s Day approaches, this campaign strives to create memorable experiences and improve relationships with loved ones.

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