1Costa Cruises takes precautionary measures: cancels sailing amid escalating tensions.

  • Costa Cruises cancels Costa Toscana’s Red Sea sailing due to escalating tensions.
  • Guests offered onboard credit or full refund for March 9, 2024, departure.
  • Security concerns prompt cancellation; safety of guests and crew prioritized.
  • Options for impacted guests include repositioning cruises, onboard credits, or refunds.
  • Costa Toscana’s Mediterranean season remains unaffected; guests advised to stay updated.



Costa Cruises has taken preemptive actions in response to escalating tensions in the Red Sea region, cancelling Costa Toscana’s repositioning trip mere weeks before its scheduled departure. This decision illustrates the cruise line’s dedication to prioritising the safety and well-being of its passengers and crew.

Costa Cruises Toscana Repositioning Cruise Cancelled:

Costa Toscana’s scheduled departure from Dubai on March 9, 2024, to relocate the ship from the UAE to Italy for the Mediterranean summer season, has been cancelled. With fewer than six weeks until their departure, guests were quickly notified of the cancellation. The decision demonstrates Costa Cruises’ unrelenting commitment to guaranteeing the safety of all guests onboard.

Navigating Security Concerns:

The cancellation is consistent with a broader trend among cruise lines to avoid the Red Sea due to rising security dangers. Costa Cruises, like others in the sector, prioritises vigilance and has taken the difficult decision to cancel voyages to alleviate potential hazards. The safety steps include rerouting ships or scheduling empty crossings through hazardous zones to reduce risk exposure.

Impacted Itinerary:

The cancelled trip promised an exciting voyage through Oman, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Greece, and Italy, including a stop at the historic Suez Canal. The itinerary was initially altered owing to turmoil in Israel, but it was later cancelled due to more disruptions.

Costa Toscana’s status:

Despite the cancellation, Costa Toscana will continue to operate as planned during the Mediterranean season. Guests scheduled for the maiden Mediterranean journey should stay in regular contact with Costa Cruises for any developments.


Options for impacted guests:

1.Costa Cruises offers concerned guests several options to meet their delayed travel plans:

2.Repositioning or transatlantic voyages until December 2024, including price protection and a €100 ($108 USD) per adult onboard credit.
3.Transfer to any Costa Cruises ship departing no later than March 31, 2025, and receive a €50 ($54 USD) onboard credit per adult.
4.Complete cancellation with the option to keep the full payment as credit for future sailings, plus a €100 ($108 USD) onboard credit per adult good for 18 months.
5.Opt for a complete refund, with processing periods varying depending on financial institution.


Costa Cruises’ preemptive steps demonstrate the company’s dedication to safeguarding its guests’ safety and satisfaction in the face of changing geopolitical situations. While disruptions are unavoidable, the variety of options available allows travellers to negotiate adjustments with flexibility and peace of mind, underscoring Costa Cruises’ commitment to providing extraordinary experiences even under difficult circumstances.

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