1Bernstein’s Bullish Outlook for Apple Stock Amid DoJ Antitrust Case

  • Bernstein reaffirms Outperform rating for Apple stock with $195.00 price target.
  • DoJ’s antitrust complaint against Apple compared to past cases involving major tech firms.
  • Analysis suggests minor impact on Apple’s financials and market position.
  • Potential outcomes include fines and relaxation of iOS platform restrictions.
  • Notable omissions in complaint hint at limited impact on services revenue and iPhone user retention.
  • Future scenarios explore equal access to Apple’s APIs and ecosystem for hardware competitors.
  • While competition may increase, established markets and financial stability remain resilient.
  • Bernstein’s optimism reflects confidence in Apple’s ability to navigate regulatory challenges.

Bernstein’s Bullish Outlook for Apple Stock :

Despite the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) antitrust complaint against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Bernstein maintains an Outperform rating and a $195.00 price target for the company.

Considering the DOJ’s Antitrust Case :

The Department of Justice’s complaint against Apple, which is similar to previous instances involving major computer companies such as Microsoft and Google, is expected to take three to five years. The focus is mostly on the iPhone, with potential implications for Apple’s financials and market position, albeit minimal, according to Bernstein.

Potential impact on Apple :

While the DoJ’s allegations are primarily directed at the iPhone, conspicuous omissions regarding Apple’s lucrative search relationship with Google and App Store operations signal a limited impact on services revenue and iPhone user retention. Even in the worst-case scenario, which includes fines and a relaxation of iOS platform limits, Apple’s financial stability is substantially preserved.

Exploring Future Scenarios :

Bernstein’s analysis considers scenarios in which courts require equal access to Apple’s APIs and environment for hardware competitors. While this may increase competitiveness in existing industries such as smartphones and tablets, it is more important for new areas like wearables and AI-enabled products.

Implications for Apple’s Markets :

While prospective outcomes of the antitrust lawsuit may create competition in specific areas, Bernstein believes that established markets and financial stability will remain substantially unaffected. This outlook emphasises Apple’s resiliency in the face of regulatory obstacles.

Conclusion :

Bernstein’s optimism about Apple’s shares despite the Department of Justice antitrust prosecution reflects confidence in the company’s ability to overcome regulatory challenges without significantly disrupting its core markets or financial performance.


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