Roshan Thomas Resigns as Group General Counsel of BYJU’S Amid Legal Challenges

Navigating Stormy Seas: The Unraveling Saga of BYJU’S and the Departure of Roshan Thomas


In a surprising move, Roshan Thomas has officially stepped down from his position as the Group General Counsel at BYJU’S, the edtech giant currently grappling with a series of legal challenges and governance issues. Thomas, who has been an integral part of the company for over two years, announced his decision on LinkedIn, citing careful consideration of various factors.

Legal Troubles: Thomas’s resignation comes at a challenging time for BYJU’S, as the company faces a barrage of legal issues. Notably, a few days prior to Thomas’s announcement,, a prominent non-profit organization in the United States, filed a lawsuit against BYJU’S subsidiary WhiteHat Jr in the California district court. The nature and implications of this legal action add to the ongoing challenges the edtech giant is already dealing with.

CEO’s Call for Investment: Complicating matters further, BYJU’S co-founder and CEO, Byju Raveendran, recently made an unusual plea to investors, urging them to infuse $300 million into the company. The request, aimed at securing a larger stake in the operations of the edtech startup, suggests internal financial strains and hints at potential shifts in the company’s leadership and strategy.

Governance Hassles: Beyond the legal battles, BYJU’S is grappling with governance issues, with shareholders expressing a strong desire for a revamp of the company’s board. The push for changes at the top echelons of the organization suggests a broader dissatisfaction among stakeholders regarding the current state of affairs and strategic direction.

Roshan Thomas’s Departure: Roshan Thomas’s decision to step down as Group General Counsel adds another layer of complexity to BYJU’S existing challenges. His departure raises questions about the internal dynamics and stability within the company, particularly in the legal and compliance departments.


As BYJU’S navigates through a turbulent period marked by legal battles, financial uncertainties, and governance concerns, the departure of Roshan Thomas as Group General Counsel adds to the ongoing narrative. The edtech giant finds itself at a crossroads, and the forthcoming developments, both in terms of legal outcomes and strategic decisions, will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of BYJU’S in the competitive edtech landscape.

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