India Emerges as the World’s Fastest-Growing Premium Smartphone Market in 2023: Counterpoint Report

Unveiling India’s Rapid Ascent: A Deep Dive into the Fastest-Growing Premium Smartphone Market of 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the global smartphone market, 2023 marked a significant milestone with India emerging as the fastest-growing premium smartphone market, according to a recent report by Counterpoint. The study highlights key insights into the growth trends and projections for the premium segment, revealing fascinating developments in regions such as China, Western Europe, India, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Global Premium Market Growth

The Counterpoint report anticipates a robust six percent year-on-year growth for the global premium smartphone market in 2023. Premium segment smartphones are expected to secure approximately one-fourth of the total global smartphone market sales, contributing to a staggering 60 percent of total revenues. This surge in growth is attributed to several key regions that have played pivotal roles in driving the premium smartphone market forward.

India: A Stellar Performer

A standout revelation from the report is India’s meteoric rise as the fastest-growing premium smartphone market globally. The South Asian giant is set to witness record-breaking sales in the premium segment, propelling it to the forefront of the global premium market. The factors contributing to India’s remarkable growth include a burgeoning middle class, increasing disposable incomes, and a growing appetite for cutting-edge technology.

MEA, China, and Latin America on the Rise

Apart from India, other regions making substantial contributions to the premium smartphone market include the Middle East and Africa (MEA), China, and Latin America. These regions are expected to set new records for premium market sales, showcasing the global nature of the smartphone industry’s expansion.

Ultra-Premium Segment Driving Growth

The Counterpoint report sheds light on the predominant role played by the ultra-premium segment in the overall growth of the premium smartphone market. In 2023, smartphones priced at $1,000 and above commanded over one-third of the total premium market sales. This surge in demand for ultra-premium devices is indicative of a growing consumer base that values innovation, advanced features, and top-notch performance.


As the global premium smartphone market continues its upward trajectory, the spotlight is firmly on India as the torchbearer of this remarkable growth. With China, MEA, and Latin America also making substantial strides, the smartphone industry is undoubtedly at an exciting crossroads. The surge in demand for ultra-premium devices further underscores the ever-increasing expectations of consumers who seek not just a device but an experience that transcends boundaries.

In the coming years, the dynamics of the premium smartphone market will likely witness continued evolution, driven by technological innovations, changing consumer preferences, and the economic landscapes of emerging markets. As India takes center stage in this narrative, it’s clear that the global smartphone industry is in for an exhilarating journey, with each region contributing uniquely to the ongoing smartphone revolution.

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